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    Geger, guru paud di bintan unggah foto bugil

    TRIBUNNEWS.COM, BINTAN - Sejumlah ibu-ibu di Kelurahan Galang Batang Kecamatan Gunung Kijang, Kabupaten Bintan, Provinsi Kepri mendatangi kantor Polsek Gunung Kijang, Rabu (19/11/2014).

    Kedatangan mereka meminta agar pihak kepolisian Gunung Kijang bisa menangkap MS, oknum guru PAUD yang sudah meresahkan warga. Perbuatan tercelanya dengan mengunggah foto bugil pribadi di akun facebook (FB) miliknya.
    Kedatangan ibu-ibu tersebut langsung disambut oleh Kanit Reskrim Polsek Gunung Kijang, Ipda Purbowo. Kepada Purbowo, ibu-ibu ini mengatakan agar pihak kepolisian harus bertindak tegas dan menyelesaikan permasalahan guru PAUD tersebut.
    "Kami sebegai masyarakat tidak terima dengan perbuatan dia. Dia sudah mencemarkan nama baik kampung kami. Dan kami sebagai perempuan juga malu melihat ulah dia yang seperti ini," sebut salah seorang ibu tersebut, Rabu (19/11/2014).
    Menurut warga, perbuatan MS sudah sangat keterlaluan. Pasalnya bukan kali ini saja MS bermasalah. Sekitar dua tahun lalu dia juga pernah membuat resah warga Galang Batang. Namun permasalahannya bisa diselesaikan oleh ketua adat di kampung setempat.
    "Bukan kali ini saja dia bermasalah, dulu kaya gini juga, dia ketahuan selingkuh. Tetapi permasalahanya sudah diselesaikan. Bukanya malu, dia malah bikin ulah lagi," sebutnya.
    Mendapati keterangan dari masyarakat, pihak kepolisian berjanji akan memproses permasalahan ini dengan cepat. Setelah melakukan perbincangan dan diberikan pengertian, sekelompok ibu-ibu lalu meninggalkan Polsek Gunung Kijang.
    Sementara itu, Pihak Dinas Pendidikan Kabupaten Bintan melalui Kabid Pendidikan Luar Sekolah (PLS) Kabupaten Bintan langsung meninjau ke lokasi tempat tinggal MS yang berada di kawasan Desa Galang Batang.
    Zulkarnain, Kabid PLS Disdikpora Bintan mengatakan sudah melakukan pengecekan setelah mendengar informasi terkait foto bugil MS yang tersebar tersebut.
    "Kita sudah mengonfirmasi kepada yang bersangkutan, dia mengakui dan meminta maaf atas perbuatannya tersebut," ucap Zulkarnain.
    Dari keterangan MS, ia mengatakan tidak sengaja mengunggah foto tersebut.
    "Ia mengaku kepencet dan tidak sengaja memposting sendiri fotonya di akun FB," ujar Zulkarnain menirukan pelaku.

    Walaupun MS sudah mengakui perbuatannya dan sudah meminta maaf, Zulkarnain tetap mengambil langkah tegas dengan memberikan teguran lisan keras terhadap MS.
    "Sementara ini, kita masih berikan teguran lisan, apabila memang benar terjadi persoalan satu kali lagi pada dirinya, kita akan ambil keputusan tegas," ujarnya.
    Kepala Unit Pelayanan Teknis (UPT) Pendidikan Anak Usia Sekolah (PAUS) Gunung Kijang, Rahmadi menjelaskan pihaknya belum mengetahui persis apakah gambar tersebut memang benar milik MS salah satu oknum guru PAUD yang mengajar di Desa Galang Batang.
    Rahmadi menjelaskan, pihaknya akan terus mendalami informasi ini bersama Kabid PLS Disdikpora Bintan. Kemudian berusaha memanggil pihak kepala sekolah PAUD untuk menghadap dan menjelaskan terkait informasi foto mesum tersebut.

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    Best Price For

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    Price Compare Website

    Those numbers conclude that the most fuel-efficient cars available to the public when looking at 2008 models are hybrid cars. remembering the steps that you have to take to prepare. Sometimes, they are retained. available, from comedy shows to weekly suspense. Also in that same Elton year it began to develop a galloping alopecia that would later lead years to him to the wig use. It’s not only the thought of me able to stream videos but knowing how it’s done and me able to share it, gives others the chance to also enjoy the benefits of video streaming. Take the time to put your goals in writing. But again, the puppy doesn’t understand the relationship between its actions and your shouting.
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    Classical Chaussures New Balance 574 Online!

    This Nike Roshe Manage Warm Lava could be the most current ladies Nike Roshe Set you back discharge and it is now arriving to select Nike Sports wear stores associated with availability. The most notable is done New Balance 574 having a adaptable, stitched large-chain to be able to along with high temperature insured Nike Swoosh outlining, as the outsole is definitely an light together with thick silicone blend. The Roshe Manage delivers light and portable design and lush comfort jointly in a very simple running influenced outline.Look into the further pictures below to find out the specific Nike WMNS Roshe Operate Warm Lava nike air max 90 2014 available these days at Trainer Nation-wide politics. The retail price label Chaussures New Balance is placed with $75 USD.

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    Consumer Products Ratings

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    Best Price

    Believe me when I say, you do not always get what you pay for and the clichés are correct. He refuses to lend money - of which he seems to have an unlimited supply, courtesy his ever more disenchanted father - to a girl he impregnated. You become eligible for payment only when your Adsense account reaches at least $100. The high point on the bell curve of musical history. Much of the content found in these products cannot be accessed in the teleseminar or webinar so the audience is motivated to purchase. The gemstones included, meaning diamonds, are perhaps the greatest quality offered for authentic Chanel watches. SLAs may or may not include refunds or reduced costs if performance goals are not met. It is often the case that this RC car body type is based on a winner of a competition such as the World Rally Championships.
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    Best Price Comparison Site

    I used to love going to the supermarket. What You Need To Know About Credit Repair Business. Itemise your list into essentials and luxuries. is the “raid”, or the raid group quest. o Change Channel - 9 presets 2 sliders. Organic skin care. You can also adjust your travel schedule to fit with the offers you find on the Web. This would avoid you from going over your card limit. meaning that the user can choose where to place a retrieve. So come on guys, make it simple.
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    Millionaire Circle In most cases the fact is that these games are mostly freed and you can easily sport these games without making the use of a swell collection of brainpower play as these games are easily playable without the need of any fervour or fun. Therefore, the fact is that these games are mostly fit for both kids and adults as asymptomatic.

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    Classical New Balance 574 Online!

    watch out for lowe's installation tiling

    Wouldn't be Kanye when it wasn't for Michael Jackson. I was able to ascend to massive heights. And i have have got to an area that Michael Jackson didn't break down. Paper can make this kind of dress perfect to acquire a pleasant mid day stroll downtown. Looking within the following shoe about the area, it's assorted in the original set. There's an unsettled design and style in the TPU through the your back heel.

    In terms of Chaussures New Balance 574 the arts, Greek culture has lots of contributions, specifically within the fields of architecture and sculpture. Apart from being identified for the iconic Trojan helmet, this culture can also be identified for the distinct architectural styles that happen to be classified into three kinds: Ionic, Doric, and Corinthian. The famous example, Baskets New Balance Soldes and then for a great deal of, the pinnacle of Greek architecture New Balance Soldes 574 will be the Parthenon, the grand temple developed for the warrior goddess, Pallas Athena.

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