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    'layanan seks' di warung pecel lele gos dul bikin heboh

    BANGKAPOS.COM, BANGKA--Warga seputar kelurahan Arung Dalam Kecamatan koba, tiba-tiba heboh, Jumat (21/11/2014) malam.

    Kehebohan itu, lantaran adanya pengerebekan yang dilakukan di sebuah warung pecel lele Gos Dul yang diduga dijadikan tempat prostitusi terselubung.

    Mirisnya, lokasi warung pecel lele tersebut, berada tepat disebelah kantor Kelurahan Arung Dalam Kecamatan Koba.

    Pantauan, dilokasi pengerebekan, puluhan warga terlihat tanpak berkumpul di halaman warung pecel lele yang berada persis di tepi jalur dua jalan protokol Koba.

    Hadir juga, Camat, Koba, Mulyanto Plt lurah Arung Dalam, Lukman, Kaling, H Samsir dan sejumlah tokoh dan warga setempat.

    Aksi nekat yang dilakukan Hidun (43) selaku pemilik warung Pecel Lele yang diduga menampung wanita penghibur untuk menjerat para pria hidung belang, yang singgah ke warung pecel lele tersebut, tentu saja mengundang reaksi keras warga.

    Beruntung sebelum adanya tindakan anarkis yang dilakukan warga, Hidun (43) dan dua buah anak buahnya Sari (20) warga Palembang, dan Riska (23) warga Pangkalpinang langsung diamankan pihak kepolisian ke Mapolres Bateng.

    Informasi dihimpun, dugaan adanya prostitusi terselubung di warung pecel lele ini, sudah diendus warga sudah hampir satu bulan belakangan.

    " Sudah beberapa malam ini, kami mengintip bersama pak lurah. Sebab ada desas-desus ada buka praktek prostitusi di warung pecel lele ini. Sampai jam dua malam kami mengintip. Pemilik pecel lele ini, yang baru. Baru sekitar dua bulan dia berjualan," ujar Kaling III Kelurahan Arung Dalam, H Samsir.

    Pengerebekan akhirnya dilakukan setelah berkoordinasi dengan pihak Satreskrim Polres Bateng.
    Dimana salah satu anggota menyamar, sebagai pembeli pecel lele, yang akhirnya berhasil mengungkap aktivitas prostitusi terselubung, di warung pecel lele tersebut.

    Setelah dipastikan memang benar adanya dugaan praktek prostitusi terselubung, Kasat Intel Polres Bateng, AKP Supriyanto bersama Kasat Reskrim Polres Bateng, segera melakukan pengrebekan.
    Pemilik warung pecel lele, Hidun (43) yang diduga beprofesi ganda sebagai mucikari bersama kedua anak buahnya Sari (20) dan Riska (23) digelandang ke Mapolres Bateng untuk diperiksa lebih lanjut.
    Kasat Reskrim Polres Bateng, AKP Febriandi Haloho melalui KBO Satreskrim Polres Bateng Ipda M Hafid
    Seizin Kapolres Bateng, AKBP M Zainul kepada wartawan, Jumat (21/11/2014) mengatakan saat ini, kasus masih dalam pemeriksaan lebih lanjut.
    "Kasus masih dalam penyidikan, mereka bisa dikenakan pasal 506 KUHP tentang mucikari dan prostitusi. Kasus masih dalam pengembangan," ungkapnya.

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    Comparison Shopping

    while your little angel slumbers. Advanced coin collecting. In addition, he is a co-sponsor of Pimp Juice, a non-carbonated sports energy drink. The online arena is different: you do not know who visits your website, and you do not even know if the person claiming to be part of your target market is truly part of it, or is in need of free samples and is in another demographic altogether. in maintaining safety of the body. Eat, have a few drinks and be merry. These are some of the products tested by members in the past two issues of the Gardening How-To magazine:. Many of those individuals are interested in writing an e-book due to their love for writing, but others are interested in making a profit. The number of entries received will help the marketing department determine the success of the sweepstakes. Once downloaded onto your computer, you can then use this software to record your teleseminar.
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    This goes to show that endothelial function in the body may be affected before and after weight gain. There's Padme Amidalla, Jar-Jar Binks, Chewbacca, Obi Wan Kenobi, etc. Many cable operators are already offering bundled services, known as Triple Play.

    Part of the radio waves emitted by a mobile telephone. traveling. Royal Naval Hospital for sailors, the Greenwich hospital is.
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    Here are two of the most common;. * Empathize. Sony Playstation 3 is said to be the most expensive gaming console ever in the history. Everyone with some jewelry to protect should find out about the jewelry cleaners that are available so they do not cause damage to valuable pieces. You could do your on but you have to make content for your site that is entertaining as well as informational. defining had to be used. There may be methods or the trader may already know his plan. People who have not tried skydiving have a lot of.
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    It can be as simple as hydrogen to as complex as nuclear energy. As a result, the crew attempted to be sure the gear was down. When they are older, it's because they want to better understand why you think something is important and why they should also feel the same way. But online gaming, particularly skill games, is only one of three truly revolutionary and dynamic aspects of the new Internet economy. They are metaphorically described as a library.

    - The best clipart for the impressionists is a black and white clipart. Its no wonder that more and more people are interested in joining the world of fashion design. There are also online guides for the prices of US coins available on the web, specifically the NumisMedia site. This Paris Hilton hairstyle looks much more natural than the other ones. When you are writing with light, you should be concerned with the quantity, location, nature, and quality of light.
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    But if you are able to choose the right stock option for the process, then you may be successful in your attempts for this strategy. Ways to Make Cents at Home. Auditory discrimination is the ability to identify one sound from another. Dealing with Fraud. Shaker boxes are usually small boxes. Otherwise, you will be marked as a person with a bad credit reputation. dont interfere and take the necessary courses of. one computer to another or even to a file cabinet.

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    His attitude towards love relationships and romance is open and progressive, and Orlando Bloom is always willing to experiment and try anything new that Bloom's partner suggests, and he enjoys being surprised. Both Sirius and XM services have announced their intention of introducing in the near future a variety of video satellite channels that will have some of the great advantages that are currently available to satellite radio: commercial free programs, great quality of sound and vast geographical availability. Even for a small venture such as a niche profit site an opt-in list can make a world of difference and also add some extra income for your pocket. For this, the need for youll to build another gauge. Some manufacturers offer different functionalities that are added to your existing downloadable accounting software. A must see event, in my mind, is spending time on the 16th green, a jewel of a Par 3 where so many tournaments have been won and lost, explains Glen Jackson, principle of Jackson Spalding Communications, in Atlanta and long-time Masters fan. This can give you an unusual view of the attractions and it will only take about 30 minutes. sort of life transition.
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    If you are a family man, you can enjoy movies with the family without having to go out to the hassles of a theatre. In the end, the decision will still depend on your preference and assessment of your company. If the decision does not go in your favor, you will not get anything. If the price is too high, most buyers wont give it a second thought - which is why you want to determine the listing price carefully. This is a good way to shop because you get.

    Another type of patent for the Ping golf club is the Cushin Selective Filtering Insert. The text eZine is the most commonly published. The end result was a two sided quilt that was then held together by hand sewn stitches or by tying the quilt with yarn.
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    better to have the customer be the center of the focus, not. If you know that the person is a fan of a certain author, why not give him the latest book. This is why the convenience of doing work at home under amazingly flexible working hours is a dazzling prospect to them. because the information in your report affects your. Conditioning the arms of chronic airways disease patients is just as important. These campervans are also called motor-caravans in UK. When you are convinced of the truth that everything that happens is the best thing that can happen,life will Begin to be much more fun. Maybe I am missing something; please tell me the expectation of an educator who thought the grand children of Amina in Nigeria, that River Niger was discovered by Mongo Park. Now you know many things about the green gemstones. When this is in a line of credit, the way in which the transaction is made will differ.

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    Also, it proves to be the cheapest option as there are no postal charges to be incurred. Dangerfield branched out into a serious role next. You dont have to worry about a. Spindle - The free rotating axle that the. The original solid body guitar created by Paul was very plainit was a simple rectangular block of wood connected to a neck with six steel strings. Using 9 by 12 inch construction paper, cut the paper in half across the long side and cut the halves into one inch thick six inch long strips. Speakers for any home theater are no longer outside of many peoples reach. Young Frankenstein was a film that was originally released in 1974, and the original screenplay was written by Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder.
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    You need to make sure that the thermometer is properly calibrated. asking women who look good on a first date for a second. Thats one of the biggest mistakes that people. will not help your business succeed. This would be a perfect time to buy all of those special treats that can never be afforded in the weekly grocery trip.

    Diesel fuel is named after its creator, Rudolf Diesel, a German engineer. When you are not stressed, you are more likely to accomplish your tasks within a shorter time frame. I cherish every picture that I take because I know that in some small way I am making a fleeting moment last a little longer. Also remember to use a wall anchor with D-rings as the weight of the picture may rip it out of the wall. The job is high paying, a lot of fun, and a great way to meet new people.
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    These acceptable levels of glucose in the bloodstream are maintained at surprisingly narrow margins. and expand. By breathing new life into these sometimes lost classics they are doing a service to both the original masters of these musicals and to the audiences they now play for. A: Coca Cola still uses the iconic images of Santa which were hugely successful in the 30s, and created for it by the gifted artist Haddon Sundblom, an American of Swedish origin (does Northern Europe ring any bells here. Another way of searching for business credit cards online is to look for special offers that come with the service, such as waived interest fees for a certain period of time. That's just the start. You are only starting your business, so. They have realized that this is a very effective and inexpensive way of advertising their company to the general public. For those who are not yet members, all they have to do is fill up a form. You failure to do so will mean this person will spend the rest of their time in jail.

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    Moreover, because of the stresses that we have, the hippocampus, our memory bank, diminish in function. Flipping properties is a term that is commonly used in real estate. Every day you are surrounded by displays. He removed a PDA from his pocket and motioned for the businessman to follow him. If this sounds too good to be true, wait till you try this:. You should be alert at all times since you can seldom ask individuals to pose. Making sure all parts are available is wise as well. Can I Become Infertile from an Untreated Yeast Infection. Due to the fact that they all do have good results doesnt mean you dont need to chose which is right for you. There are a lot of things you have to know before you sell your annuity.
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    This is an extremely easy, and free, way of getting a natural queen ant. Using the available features, students can actively participate in the discussion and ask question and get instant replies just being in a conventional classroom setup. While the owners manual may be as exciting as reading the dictionary, this is the FIRST thing you need to do when you sit down with your camera. These include,. As most of us already know, buying an unfinished home provides an excellent way to get into the housing market and get your very own home.

    Youll also notice an increase in response from realtors, and receive more calls about the property. In circuit and sprint races, drivers must take their machines through left and right corners, and the course layout either mainly going clockwise or anticlockwise for circuit and endurance races. You should be paid for your services the minute that the job is done.
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    If youre lucky enough to secure The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee tickets, youd better be prepared. It may not be easy, but nothing is impossible with a strong will power. You could just serve coffee and dessert. Tell everyone you know about the Texas Pause. Online Bookkeeping Benefits for Accounting Business Firms. Numerology is often used as part of psychic readings. However, with this, you must be careful to choose a credit card that does not charge you interest for a short period of time and that you are able to pay off all your debts before interests start being charged again. *Divorce attorney services . This car also has the following specifications: front- wheel type of driveline, 3100 to 3600 lbs. In fact there is no age group for puzzle games.

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    Many people like the fact that it is harder that plain silver though. It is inconceivable that it should contain its own negation (Godel-like), therefore it must be internally and externally consistent. If you haven't made your site yet it could be beneficial to have SEO services create your entire website's text for you, since they'll be able to place keywords in the text without making it seem choppy or forced. If you dont go you will never know and it could be something that can be taken care of, but if you wait, you could be facing deadly cancerous diseases. You need to be able to think both long and hard about whether or not you really want your ex back, and what initially led to the break up in the first place. These teens love to go out and have a great time with peers. CasinoHeat. You may want to use thumbtacks instead of tape.
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    Youve got a week of study behind you. under bright lights. This way, you will be able to use some parts of your brain which are left unused before.

    In most respects, Hispanic families are like any other, but with a very heavy respect for tradition". They are selling the idea of playing the game. You can, however, protect yourself against this by taking out an extended warranty on your motor home.
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    Additionally, the grand piano also allows more accomplished pianists to perform ornamentation and certain other musical features thanks to a special lever, which holds the hammer above the string for longer. Frankly, you don't have to pay that kind of money to help your dog or any pet that is suffering from bug bites and stings. costly as the 80% or so price drop of their product. British Indian stamps overprinted "PAKISTAN" on Water Mark Single Star and Multiple Stars on King Edward VII, King George V, King George VI and Victory 1946, Brief Political & Geographical History, Chronological order of events, Local Machine Overprints, How to distinguish the different 'Overprints'. of primary addiction. seller sends the diamond to the escrow. Photos which are uploaded to MySpace must be. - Stargate SG-1: Stargate was a film released in 1994. businesses are not really taxed thats why more and. If none of those suit you, you can design your own with tools that even make it possible to draw circles.

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    But now we see jewelers coming up with impressive gold and white gold pieces. us/world-of-warcraft-cheats/index. But then Young surprises the music world realising the epic Greendale (2003), musically interesting and conceptually admirable: emulating the best Steinbeck, Young invents an entire town in his loved California, and, focusing in the Green family, give free rein to values such as Freedom, Peace and Ecology that he has been defended since the late sixties. This requires some attention knowing that some people who experience fear of public speaking end up not delivering a quality speech since they are overtaken by that fear. By focusing on certain techniques, youll be able to do so much more. Most retailers have labels on rap music that contains controversial materials. Equestrian Employment: Where can You be Good at. As the skin thins, the functions and the body form starts to disintegrate and aging continues to beg to be excused. Those types of tables won't be able to fold and store as easily as a plain table, so take that into consideration when you're shopping. For those who prefer something less formal, there are also works that are fashioned through the old tie dye method.
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    You can get toothpaste that will prevent toothaches, stop sensitivity, and prevent things such as tartar and gingivitis. It is okay for your children to experience setbacks and unwanted outcomes. professional jewelry associations that they. Monica Bellucci craves love, appreciation and attention from others and hates to be ignored. The range is broad and.

    Well, online photography classes are the answer to your prayer. But most of the times, these free online spyware scanning and removal tools may not be able to provide you with the full protection that you need. When someone asks you things that are quite personal,. Some of the websites that offer free music video codes grant the possibility to search lyrics for your favorite music videos which you can easily add to your website or personal profile on a website like Hi-5 or others. This might sustain the air distributing around your wall hanging for your home decor, so moisture will not amass and hurt the cloth.
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    Its just a matter of knowing where to look and having the patience to canvass and compare prices for California car rental services. It will do no good to an applicant who claims to be a jack of all trades but a master of none. Pat Morley was later replaced by Grant Young in 1984. of the group on the next hole and wait until they are. time you can enjoy fresh herbs conveniently and easily. * And if your mails are flushed with more favorite deals than you currently are enjoying, you may approach your issuer for a better deal. What Types Are Available. Supercross race tracks are commonly referred to as off-road courses. For high visibility, joining one of the larger online galleries who get many thousands of visitors daily might be a wise consideration. accounts, loss and profits, and the companys monthly.

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