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    New XRUMER 12.0.12: posting on forums, blogs, soc.nets

    Its a revolution of captchas bypassing and MASS POSTING ON A MILLIONS SITES:

    XRumer 12.0.12 automatycally recognize most difficult ReCaptchas
    + registering,
    + posting,
    + publishing,
    + profiles autofilling (with avatars also)
    + personal messaging, etc.!

    "Super-difficult ReCaptcha"?! Lol, its not a problem now!
    Botmaster Labs (c) creates a new revolutional technology of Google's JavaScript processing

    "ReCaptcha like a House-number"?! New russian technologies make it not a problem too ;-)

    Also, in XRumer 12.0.12 significantly improved work with such engines as:
    + XenForo
    + Discuz
    + PhpBB (latest versions)
    + MyBB
    + VBulletin
    + Drupal
    + a lot of guestbooks

    (at all, XRumer works with more than 150 different engines)

    + a lot of improvements of another antibot processing
    (textcaptchas like "What is last name of Bob?", CloudFlare, StopForumSpam, etc.)
    (at all, XRumer know more than 500 types of graphical captchas and more than 200.000 types of textcaptchas)


    With purchasing XRumer 12.0.12 Elite you will get ABSOLUTELY FOR FREE:

    1. SocPlugin
    XRumer's tool for working (messaging/inviting/liking/promoting/autofilling) of Facebook and several other Soc.Networks with captcha bypassing
    (unique: no any service needed to captchas recognition and bypassing!)

    2. BlogsPlugin
    New XRumer's tool for autoblogging. Free beta version.
    Mass registration of account on the:

    + Wordpress
    + Blogger
    + Livejournal
    + Tumblr
    + Bloglines
    + Netvibes

    Need more info?
    Just Google for "XRumer 12.0.12" :-)

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